May They Rust in Peace in the Ford Graveyard


Along Crawfordville highway in between Panacea and Tallahassee is a Ford Car Graveyard.  Twenty + cars dated from early 1900’s to mid are arranged in a semicircle from oldest to youngest.  My girls and I stopped here coming back from the beach in Panacea.


This is a 27 picture panorama.

Evidently, all these cars were used on Pat Harvey’s family farm. Now, they’ve been laid out to pasture to collect vines and iron oxide.



This looks like a frame right out of a 1920s mobster movie:


Eventually, all the cars will fade into the background.


The only drivers now seem to be the spiders.

car-8 car-9

This place inspires all level of shutterbugs.  Even my 9 year old wanted to capture a few.


These are the pictures she captured using my happy crappy 5 mg Windows Phone camera:


car-18 car-17 car-16

If you would like to visit this Roadside Wonder, it’s located just past Crawfordville before Medart on FL SR 319.  Address: 4204 Crawfordville Hwy, Crawfordville, FL 32327.


Picture by Sarah

Picture by Sarah


Next up: The farm that we were visiting in Panacea.


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